My Self Centered Depression…(Living in My Own Alternate Reality)

Just as a disclaimer: Depression comes in all different forms and shapes. I do not want to generalize depression and want to make it very clear that this was how I, specifically, was thinking and feeling. This is me reflecting on my depression. I spent a good chunk of time depressed from 7th grade ish to... Continue Reading →

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Poem: What [Un]educated Feels Like 

I lived day by day With few worries, and few fears. Sorrow and confusion only during select occasions. Busy but blissful brain. When they said "you don't know anything" I didn't know that they really meant "nothing". What I knew then only a speck of dust on Earth. What I know now, a planet closer... Continue Reading →

How I Deal With Negativity

The best thing you can do for yourself and for others is fill your time/mind doing as many "good" things as you can . Promote things, lifestyles, and stories that changed your perspective for the better. If you spend time indulging in bad habits, gossiping, thinking negatively, you’re wasting valuable time. There’s a difference between... Continue Reading →

Dear 7,

When I was 15 I had a "diary" on Tumblr that I wrote in about every 2 days or so for over a year. It documented how I was feeling when I was with my ex and I kept writing up until I met my current partner. I wrote about how I felt and later... Continue Reading →

Feeling Lost 

Lately I've been feeling lost and as if I am floating in space, unable to control where I am headed. Usually floating in space has a positive, calm connotation, but in this case, it feels as if I've lost my tether.  Something that I've been struggling with is sharing my passions and past experiences with... Continue Reading →

What is Anger? And How It Hurts You.

Holding onto anger is like drinking poision and expecting the other person to die. -Buddha Anger is powerful. It can change lives and ruin them in a matter of seconds. Anger is a sign of imbalance, miscommunication, and/or is a sign that either your expectations or someone else's do not match up to the actions.... Continue Reading →

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